About Kreative Tek Solutions

Technology is a factor that is rapidly evolving in our society. Here at Kreative Tek Solutions our sole purpose is to provide a service that assist clients with simple tasks such as creating macros or custom scripts for a repetitive process which results in the increase of efficiency. We also assist in tasks that are more complex such as setting up a business from the ground up. Due to the type of technological era we are in, having a digital source of the business is vital for business growth. At Kreative Tek Solutions we believe technology is here to assist us to perform at our maximum by reducing the effort. Our technological culture relies on some sort of digital advertisement, and what better advertisement is there than a website or a mobile application.
Kreative Tek Solutions was actually established in 2011 as Rubix Repair and Design. In 2016, Rubix Repair and Design was rebranded and legalized as Kreative Tek Solutions. This company has completed several different projects. Some of the completed projects are listed in our portfolio section, and others are not listed due to being bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
The owner of Kreative Tek Solutions has been developing software and altering and enhancing hardware for over ten years. The owner currently has an Associates of Science in Computer Programming, Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis in Software Systems Engineering, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Science. Along with the degrees, there are several certifications the owner has acquired throughout the years, a few are JAVA Programming Certification, Web Development Certification, Visual C Programming Certification, and many more.
At Kreative Tek Solutions we help businesses and clients by understanding what their needs are. Upon request, we also give the clients an option to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This can be done to prevent any preferences of an assigned project from being violated or revealed which would be established in a contract. One of our many goals is to provide the client with a sense of direction for their business and possibly make their concepts become reality.

Kreative Tek Solution's Values

Our success is not only determined by the quality of work, it is also determined by the type of attitude and how we approach our clients.


Our desire to produce high quality work runs deep. With the amount of interest and care we apply to each and every project we work on, we get our energy and enthusiasm from taking our client’s concepts and turning them into reality.


We work on projects with extra care. Not only is our name on the projects and services, but so is our reputation. Whether it is hardware, software or networking we are committed to making all of our services and products the best they can possibly be, and we are willing do anything to achieve that.


Everything is upfront from the moment a person considers giving us the opportunity and becoming our client to the completion of the project. Our goal is to provide the client with accurate information and explanations or recommendations regarding the services and products we believe the client would need.


Our goal is to provide the client with services and products in a timely and organized manner. To us clients come first, and that is because the client is a very important part of our team. Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon being late on a project is not permitted.