Areas Of Experience

When selecting a company or individual to perform a task, it is assuring and important to know they possess the skill-sets necessary to complete the envisioned task.



    The Project's Body



    At Kreative Tek Solutions, we provide assistance with several hardware services such as, custom circuit board development, building servers, and more. Without hardware there would be no need for software or networking. What is a brain and/or nerves without the body?

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    The Project's Brain



    At Kreative Tek Solutions, we give the computer proper and clean instructions so it may perform any given task with precision and efficiency. From a basic website, to the more sophisticated and detailed custom software system, we offer it all without any compromise on quality. Why have a brain that works hard instead of smart?

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    The Project's Nerves



    At Kreative Tek Solutions, we provide different types of networking services ranging from basic network set up to a more complex network infrastructure setup. Having a well-established and secure infrastructure is extremely important both for businesses and home. What use is hardware and software if they cannot communicate with each other?

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Choosing the right company or individual for a job can become confusing and/or difficult. Below are a few reasons why it might be wiser to go with us over others in the industry.

  • Our Pricing

    We beat 99% of our competitors when it comes to price for quality. Just because a service is cheap doesn’t mean it is the best option. If the company does not care about your project and set you up for success, the whole process is pointless. Payment plans are available if needed.

    Our Pricing

  • Work Quality

    We do whatever it takes to bring our client's concepts to reality. From generic websites to intricate systems we never compromise on the quality of work at Kreative Tek Solutions. No project is done perfect the first time, so we provide several opportunities for revisions. For us quality is of utmost importance.

    Work Quality

  • Our Support

    Just because a project is completed, doesn't mean support should end. We do our best to continue and support a system as needed or requested by our client. If you need

    web developer

    s, mobile developers or any other developers we have you covered and the best part is they are all certified.

    Our Support

  • Easy Communication

    Communication is a key factor in any relationship. No matter what time of day, or how hard it may be, someone from the company will always be available to help you. Regardless of if that is for a general question or for a more specific question regarding a project. We are here!

    Easy Communication

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    All projects are done under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Both the client and a representative from our company must sign contracts before any projects begin. Projects are displayed with and only with clientele permission. Always request permission to display the work we have completed for advertising reasons for the client’s benefit.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Our Transparency

    Our goal at Kreative Tek Solutions is to build a long-term relationship and help you grow your business and/or project. For that we need to be as honest as possible, even if it is something you do not want to hear. You are not just our stakeholder but also our team member.

    Our Transparency

Recently Completed Projects

These are few of our recently completed projects which range from simple web design to sophisticated automated systems. All projects shown are with clientele permission.

  • DIY Fishing Adventure
    DIY Fishing Adventure

    This website is a one-stop-shop for beginning and advanced fisherman. This website contains several differnet information regarding accommodations, camping grounds, eateries, and much more. If you are interested in fishing check out this project.

  • Master Calendars
    Master Calendars

    Master Calendars is an administrative portal that manages property listings and populate a calendar with reservations from different locations. Instead of the employees logging into different locations and gathering calendar data they can see everything on one calendar. Saving time and increasing productivity tenfold!

  • Occu Collect
    Occu Collect

    Occu Collect is a web-based system that provides a one-stop shop for governmental occupational data. The reports provided by Occu Collect usually takes hours to create but with their new system, reports are created in seconds, which saves time & money.

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We accept a wide variety of payment methods as shown below. We can also create custom payment plans that would be more comfortable for you. We will always work with you to get the best results.

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