Smart Home Automation

Convienece, reliablity, and accessiblity is key when it comes to smart homes!

Service Description:

At one point in time Smart Homes were concepts of the future and were only seen in futuristic movies and Fantasy/Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek, Iron Man, and so on. Little did we know and realize that those movies and shows were in the not so distant future. Now smart homes are common with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and several other home assistants out there.

We provide a service that can change your entire house to a smart house from your basic plug to your garage door to even a faucet and gas sensor. There are several applications that can be made to automate your entire house. Have you ever wanted your garage to open for you before you drove into your driveway? Or how about having a robot clean your house for you on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about doing any cleaning after work? Or how about having your blinds open and close when you give a command all at once instead of you manually opening and closing every blind in the house? What about having your coffee made for you before you get to the kitchen? As you can see there are several applications that can be automated with smart homes and the best part is you never have to worry about if you forgot to do something or turn something off because you have access to your home even when you are away.

I bet the first thing people thought of after reading that last statement is what about the security? We have you covered on that front as well. When setting up a smart home it is extremely important to properly isolate the smart home connection and apply several other security measures to prevent or at least mitigate a hack. Even though there are vulnerabilities in IoT devices there are ways to mitigate most of those vulnerabilities. One of the best ways to mitigate most issues is by creating your own local hub rather than trusting 3rd party vendors to host them for you. We personally use OpenHab on your local network and configure all compatible and/or custom-made modules to your smart home so you have a single place to manage all your devices. Controls from locking/unlocking the door, arming/disarming a house, toggling the garage, checking if the garage is open, getting notified if the door garage is open for too long, notifications for lights, fans, water, or even gas being excessively used, toggling the lights, notifying when your clothes are done drying, dishes are done washing, and so much more.

As you can see the utility of a smart home is ridiculously endless and though people say this will make everyone lazy, we have to disagree. Yes, this will change our lifestyle and how we interact with everything but we believe that is a good thing because this way we can focus our time doing other things that are more productive than turning on or off a light. The way we can counter this statement is by comparing it to a car or truck. To explain, when a car was first released there were several people both who could avoid it and couldn’t avoid it saying the car is going to ruin everyone’s life and make everyone lazy because they will not walk anywhere. To an extent it is true but you still see people walking every day and now 90% of families have some sort of vehicle for transportation. So, did the invention of the car make our lives as humans better or make it worse by making us even lazier? Our point is, there is always going to be resistance when it comes to technological change and enhancement but it will be adopted with time especially after seeing the utilities it can provide. If you are looking for anyone to properly help you set up your future or current smart home don’t hesitate to reach out.