Desktop Application Development

Most applications are build for either the cloud or a mobile device, but, Desktop applications can still be a viable and nessecary solution!

Service Description:

Even though it is not common to see a high demand for desktop-based applications in the market, the need is still there. When we say desktop application, we are referring to a native Windows, Linux, or Mac desktop application. Though it is much more common and advised to create a web-based application for multiple platforms support it is still required to create custom desktop applications.

Based on the need we provide the desktop application development and we usually develop the program in the native language that is most common to each platform. As mentioned, before it is recommended to write a web-based application as this would not only reduce cost and keep everything in one language and one code-base resulting in less maintenance.

If you have an existing application build and have access to the codebase of the application, we are more than willing to try and alter or fix things in that codebase. However, if the codebase is significantly old, we do recommend consider rebuilding the application. We recommend this mainly because there is a good chance the application’s codebase may be depreciated meaning the code is not usable anymore or we cannot compile it due to outdated syntax.

Regardless of working with existing code or writing the code by ourself testing is a crucial step. We perform several tests in order to prevent as many errors as possible when it comes to deployment. Because of this 99% of the time maintenance for our codebase is very minimal. Usually, most of the maintenance falls back to the actual hardware such as a server or client-side devices. So, what are you waiting for reach out, and let’s get your project started!