Database Creation/Alteration/Maintenance

Storing, structuring, and maintaining data properly will make systems and applications fasters and reduce cost!

Service Description:

Databases are something that is common as well as important in most projects. Understanding which databases to use and how to structure the database will not only speed up the loading time of applications but save quite a bit of resource on the hardware end which may also end up saving some money. There are several different databases out there and each one is different and has different purposes. For example, MySQL is one of the most popular databases used when it comes to web development and is a relational database. MSSQL on the other hand is used commonly on windows-based machines and for windows-based services. The other type of database we deal with is NoSQL or MongoDB which is a NoSQL type of database that stores data as documents and collections in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. Choosing the type of database to use in a project is entirely dependent on the actual requirements of the project. In certain cases, a MongoDB/NoSQL style database would be advantageous versus a MySQL based and vice versa. Understanding the importance of structuring a database correctly is extremely important as it can not only save resources on a server but can increase the speed of your system overall.

When it comes to altering and maintaining an existing database, we usually try to study as much of the system as possible to prevent any issues from arising from anything we update or change due to optimization or maintenance reasons. From time to time when we maintain a database, we also inspect the system code that is used to pull the information from the database. We do this in order to fix any depreciated values and/or optimize the query as needed. This is not always needed but making a system run more efficiently without bad code makes everyone’s life better.  Need help with any sort of database project feel free to reach out and let’s see what we can do for you!