CMS Web Development

Cheap and quick some clients make a cms premade website to get something up quick and then later upgrade to a custom website!

Service Description:

Content Management System based web development is common and cheaper service users look for mainly because it is quicker when it comes to development and there is some sort of cookie-cutter template out on the web that can be used. A few of the most common and popular platforms that are used for CMS based development are WordPress, Wix, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and Shopify.

This form of development tends to be more appealing to users because most of these platforms have some sort of basic user interface for regular users to build a website without actually programming the website. However, it is highly recommended to take the custom web development route as in the long run it will be much more cost-effective. To elaborate, creating a web design or project on a CMS based platform using templates or CMS based code is very limiting and there are lots of issues that must be watched for such as, using CMS platform-based methods, preventing method overriding, unnecessary method loading, optimization issues, and unused code. Since these platforms are prebuilt every website usually contains the same code base with minor tweaks based on theme and customizations. This means every website may load the same components but not use most of them thus resulting in the website loading much slower.

A slow-loading website or web project means a loss of visitors. In our modern society patience is a luxury. No one likes waiting and the faster you can get something to your users the better. The longer it takes the higher chances people will leave and not come back. One common mistake stakeholders do is compare speed based on their own internet speed. To explain, one way to develop any software is with the mentality we are still on a dialup connection.  The reason we should do this is so in the event we run into that one person that has a very slow internet connection, even they would be able to load the website within a significant time, and obviously if people with slow internet speeds can load the website there should be no excuse for someone with faster speeds to load the website lighting fast.

We provide CMS based web development; however, we do highly recommend users consider custom web development as it will be lower in cost in the long run with edits and hosting alike. Also, the faster the website is the happier users will be.