VPN Setup

Security, privacy, anonymity, reliablity, and accessability are all important when it comes to setting up a VPN!

Service Description:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that is common for companies to set up for their employees so they can remote into the company network. This form of VPN is referred to as Point-To-Point-Tunneling-Protocol (PPTP) because you are connecting from an external network to the internal network of say. your company VPN to simulate the company network even though you are not on the company network physically. Though this VPN service is usually set up for corporates and businesses it is a service that has been asked for by generic home users in order to access their Network Attached Storage (NAS) or their media center as if they are on their own network at home.

Talking about VPNs did you know PPTP is a common VPN there is another form of VPN that more people ask for which is a software-based VPN. A software-based VPN does pretty much the same thing but it connects to a random server based on the location you choose and the intention of this form of VPN is different. A software-based VPN is mainly used to bypass restrictions, encrypt all data and tasks you are doing, keeping anonymity on the internet, and even preventing ISP throttling.

We provide both Point-To-Point-Tunneling-Protocol (PPTP) as well as software-based VPN setup and configuration on individual devices as well as the entire network based on the preference of the user. In our professional opinion, we recommend every user have a software-based VPN setup for security purposes especially if you connect to public networks on a regular basis as it can prevent unwanted network traffic monitoring and data leaks.