Printer Setup

Quick, easy, and setup on all your devices, hardwired and wireless!

Service Description:

We provide setting up the printer(s) over a network or on a single machine. The process to do this may be different based on each printer and depending on how old the printer is. In the event the print is older and does not have internet capabilities we will use Google Cloud print as our host to give the printer internet printing capabilities. This will give you the ability to send documents to print over the network both internally and externally as long as you have access to the Google account on the devices.

This means you will be able to set up the printer on a local machine and print from other computers or devices that have access to the Google account regardless of if it is connected directly to the printer or not. However, the only way this will work is if the computer that is acting as the host is on when trying to print and the computer that is acting as the host has internet as well as is connected to the internet.

If we are setting up a modern printer there is a good chance the printer itself will come with built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet jack which we can connect to the internet. In some cases, the printer will come with Google Services if so, then as long as you connect the Google Services to your account you will be able to print from any device you have access to the Google account and as long as the printer has internet. As mentioned before, there are several options when it comes to setting up your printer and it all depends on what option will work and is at our disposal.