Server Hosting & Maintenance

Having a reliable, up-to-date, secure, and accessible server is extremely important for any and every project!

Service Description:

We provide hosting services regardless of what server type is required. If you need a server to host your website, we can cover that or if you need a server to host an application, we can do that too. With our hosting, we include basic security as well as regular server optimizations. Usually, we will perform routine server maintenance and in some cases server upgrades. If we are the ones hosting and maintaining your project you have nothing else to worry about except finding issues and or bugs in your project so we can fix it before anyone else notices it.

When hosting is considered we usually recommend setting everything up on a Linux-based environment for performance and resource reasons but there are cases when you may need a windows-based environment in order for your project to function properly. If you are hosting elsewhere and are considering us to host your project, we may charge a migration fee in order to properly configure and setup your server to work with your existing application and/or project. This is usually common for every provider to charge as it takes time to copy over files and configurations to work properly with a different server. These configurations could include alterations in hosted files to path renaming and mapping.

When hosting with us we use CDNs to add an additional layer of security to all applications as well as provide speed and SSL on us. We recommend keeping your domain name in your own account but we are more than happy to keep it in ours if needed.

Maintaining a server usually goes head-to-head with hosting and is a crucial factor in any project or for any company. Making sure your server is running optimal performance and secure security-wise is something that is overlooked by many. Obviously, each server has a different purpose and/or intention and before doing anything the first thing to do is understand what that intention is. For example, if a server is built to be a host for a website there are a number of things that must be configured and monitored on a regular basis. One of the biggest things is the number of requests the server is getting and the amount of bandwidth that is available on the specified network. For example, if a server is being pinged or visited frequently and the requests look abnormal there is a good chance someone is trying to perform a Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to take the server down. If this happens it does not always mean someone or a group of people are trying to take you down but rather it could be a random person trying to exploit a vulnerability.

Other things that also need to be watched are the resources the server uses and making sure it has a remote backup somewhere offsite in the event someone does successfully hack your system and destroy all your data. This way at least you will have a remote backup at another location and all you would have to do restore it from the backup instead of starting all over. There are several other aspects to server maintenance and we would be here all day trying to describe every aspect of this server. That being said, not only is server maintenance required and recommended it is something that most companies hire an entire team to take care of. The reason our clients pick us is primarily because of our cost. Since we are a company, in the long run, we are a lot cheaper than hiring an entire team or a single individual and paying them 80k+ a year. Not only is there a good chance we can top the price but we will definitely be able to top the quality as well.