HTPC/Media Servers

Having an HTPC/media server is like having a one-stop-shop for all your multimedia needs!

Service Description:

Entertainment has always been part of our civilization and in the 21st-century technology has taken over entertainment. Recently, there has been a massive spike when it comes to cord-cutting because the TV channel providers such as Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon are charging much more than they used to and the price has been on an incline over the past ten years and it does not look like it is going to slow down or go down. This service is for those people and people who are looking at possibly replacing their providers in general.

Two of the most popular HTPC/Media Severs are Kodi and Plex. Both of these are used as an HTPC/Media server that gives the ability to not only become storage for your media you already own but a medium for your entire house/office to stream them from one centralized location to multiple devices. Not only are you able to upload a collection of videos you own to your server but you can attach a TV tuner to the server and transform it into a local digital broadcasting station for all your devices to watch live TV as well as a local DVR. If you configure everything properly you could even get guides for the channels found using a strong antenna.  Of course, you won’t get every single channel you get on cable but there are several ways to mitigate this issue and get those missing channels using IPTV services such as Sling, YouTube TV, and much more. There are several tutorials online that can assist with setting a system like this up, but if you do not want to spend time learning and setting things up, we can do it for you.