Custom Arduino Development

You can't go wrong with open-source, clean, and precise circuitry for any of your project needs!

Service Description:

We create, design, and program Arduino boards in order to integrate them into our projects. Arduino boards and similar boards have several different use cases from basic home automation to more complex use cases such as being a controller to transcribe serial data. We have been working with Arduino and similar boards since 2016 and during that time we have completed several projects that used Arduino and similar boards in our projects.

When working with and programming PCB boards we used to use Arduinos IDE and have recently started using VS Code. This has not only increased our productivity but efficiency as well. In our VS Code environment, we have PlatformIO in order to compile programs faster and deploy them to our modules. There are several factors to consider when working with Arduino boards such as module safety, power consumption, proper engineering, and efficient code. To explain, understanding the safety rules when working with the board is extremely crucial to prevent overheating and the board's short-circuiting. When looking at power consumption the goal is to only provide the power that is enough for the module to power up and avoid as much excess power as possible by using capacitors and resistors. Not only will this help with safety but will prolong the board’s life. Lastly, getting to programming the board(s) to do the task at hand. Before programming the board, it is important to understand the problem you are trying to solve. Writing clean and precise code is extremely important because this will keep the module efficiency and reduce the heat generated from the module.

Obviously, there are several other factors to look for when working on an Arduino project but as mentioned before each project is different and because of that has different requirements and components understanding how to do that takes time and lots of practice. The best way to get started is using Google as there are several documentation and tutorials on the web. However, in case you rather have something built for you we are at your service all you have to do is reach out.