Our Hardware Expertise

Below is a complete list of all the hardware services currently available and offered at Kreative Tek Solutions.

  • Custom Arduino Board

    We design, create, and program arduino boards. Depending on the project each design and requirements are subjected to change. For that reason we only provide this service if requested by the client.

    Custom Arduino Board

  • Custom Built Computers

    We build custom gaming & casual computers and charge a service fee for our consultation & assembly. The price of this service can vary depending on the amount and type of components requested. Getting the hardware yourself will reduce the cost and will only be charged the assembly fee.

    Custom Built Computers

  • Custom Built Servers

    We custom build servers for both home and business use. The cost of a server will depend on the components needed. We will advise components based on tasks you may perform with the server. This is to help you, the client, save as much as you can in cost. Just like building a custom computer this can include a consultation service fee & assembly fee.

    Custom Built Servers

  • Htpc/Media Servers

    We set up custom HTPC/Media servers. We primarily use Kodi or Plex server depending on your preference or depending on what we think will be most beneficial for you and the tasks the htpc/media server is intended to perform.

    Htpc/Media Servers

  • Office PC Repair

    We offer the service of personal computer repair which includes both software & hardware. It could be a nasty virus or a faulty motherboard. We here at Kreative Tek Solutions will diagnose and attempt to fix any issues we can, if possible. If not we will provide you a viable alternative which you may either consider or disregard.

    Office PC Repair

Our Software Expertise

Below is a list of all of our software services currently available and offered at Kreative Tek Solutions
  • Web Development

    We provide a custom web solution written by one of our web developer and is typically accomplished by using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and SQL. Depending on how complex and sophisticated the project is the requirements & resources used will vary. It is highly encouraged to create a custom website compared to a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, and etc.) due to the lesser resource requirements and security.

    Web Development

  • CMS Web Development

    We create and develop Content Management System based websites, such as, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and eCommerce based such as Zencart, or Magento. Though this service is supported we highly encourage custom websites for the speed and additional security.

    CMS Web Development

  • Android Application Development

    We do native android app development. This is done using JAVA programming for the functionality and XML programming for the design. We do implement advertisements through google adsense and other means as well. All designs will be completed based on the current design guidelines which are provided by google.

    Android Application Development

  • IOS Application Development

    IOS applications are developed upon request. Although, we do recommend creating android applications first to gauge popularity as it is much cheaper to get licenses and develop vs IOS development. (If this has never been on the market or is just a personal idea/passion/vision).

    IOS Application Development

  • Windows Mobile Application Development

    Though, windows mobile is not as popular as Android & IOS, this is still a service we do provide. This will be primarily done with Visual Studio. As stated before about IOS applications, we would recommend starting with an android application due to the user base rather than the cost in this scenario.

    Windows Mobile Application Development

  • Desktop Applications

    We develop desktop applications in several different languages. This can be for various different reasons. Depending on the project, the programming language used can vary. Primarily, the language can be one of the following unless requested otherwise (VB.net, C#,or JAVA).

    Desktop Applications

  • Logo & UX/UI Design

    We provide Logo & UX/UI Designs. Along with this we also design business cards and print them if necessary. For design we use either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. (Note: Sources files may be sent upon client request).

    Logo & UX/UI Design

  • Database Alteration & Creation

    We assist in creating databases on various different platforms. Current databases we have proficiency are in MSSQL, MYSQL, JAVA JDBC, and Access. This will be done based on the requirements needed for the database or by your request. Other databases can be requested and possibly be implemented.

    Database Alteration & Creation

  • Custom Scripting

    We provide a custom software development and custom scripting option to perform a specific or several tasks. A few languages we use to accomplish tasks are: VBA, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Shell Scripts. We do other scripting languages based on specific requests and based on requirements.

    Custom Scripting

Our Networking Expertise

Below is a complete list of all the networking services currently available and offered at Kreative Tek Solutions.

  • Home & Office Router/Switch Setup

    We perform network setups that ensures all necessary ports are forwarded for most if not all applications a company or home user may possibly use along with any specified ports by the client. This service will also ensure an optimal and secure network.

    Home & Office Router/Switch Setup

  • Office Printer Setup

    We set up office printers to the cloud or to the internal network. Normally this service is done through google cloud print. Note: The printer does not need to be a smart printer in order to set it up with google cloud print or over the network.

    Office Printer Setup

  • Home & Office VOIP Setup

    We set up home and office VOIP services. We do not provide the service of hosting the VOIP, but we do provide the service of installation & configuration of a VOIP client to communicate with a dedicated server or service, which you have obtained. This can be very helpful for start-up companies.

    Home & Office VOIP Setup

  • Home & Office VPN Setup

    We perform the service of setting up a VPN network for clients. Normally, a client would be considered businesses, but there are cases where the client is a home user.

    Home & Office VPN Setup

  • Home & Office RDP Setup

    We set up and configure RDP(Remote Desktop). Remote desktop connection can be set up both for a house environment or an office environment. Typically, the office environment will be much more secure than a home environment unless otherwise requested. (Note: Businesses must have VPN which is the reason for higher security.)

    Home & Office RDP Setup