What Is An Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software that is used to build custom electronic projects. As mentioned above Arduino consists of both physical programmable circuit board and software that runs on a computer to program the circuit board. Arduino boards have can perform several different tasks such as read inputs, turn on a sensor, update twitter information, and so much more. To perform tasks, you need to connect the microcontroller on the Arduino board to the computer and use the Arduino programming language based on wiring and upload it to the board. The Arduino project initially started in 2003 as a program for students in Italy which aimed at providing a low-cost and easy way for novice and professionals to create custom devices that interact with the environment using sensors and actuators. However, over the years, Arduino became so popular and in-demand and it is estimated to have over 700,000 units in 2013.

What Are Some Types Of Projects That Use Arduino?

 There are several projects that Arduino is used for but a few categories that Arduinos are is used for Internet of Things (IoT) based projects, Wearables, 3D printing, and even embedded environments. Since Arduino boards are completely open-source, most of the projects can be found online on GitHub. This means the only thing people must worry about is how to wire and create the actual hardware which there is usually several documentations on and the best part is you can even create and set up the schematics virtually and test It to make sure it works before purchasing the components to physically create it.

Why Arduino?

Because of the simplicity and user-friendliness of Arduinos, thousands of beginners and advanced users easily adopt it for several different projects. It is much easier to teach and get started with the basics of robotics and programming with Arduino because of Software UI and flexibility. On top of that, the software that is used to program the board can be installed on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The other aspect as mentioned before is the ability to create projects virtually and make sure it works before purchasing the components and creating it physically which can reduce errors when developing the hardware. Due to the popularity of Arduino, there have been several different boards that have been developed by the company. This means we can pick what we need based on premade boards and add other components to the boards instead of building an Arduino board from stock. As the history mentioned, one of the biggest goals with Arduino was to provide circuit boards at a very low cost and in this case pre-assembled Arduino Modules can cost less than fifty dollars. The other aspect to look at is because Arduino is an open-source platform, the open-source community is a great place for help and usually, most of the issues or problems or even ideas that may come up are already done by someone in the market. This means if anyone needs help there should be no type of issue finding solutions for problems or answers for questions.

What Are A Few Projects Using Arduino?

A few projects we thought we should mention were the 3D Printer Project, Garage Door Opener, Fingerprint Garage Door Opener, Smoke Alarm, Home Alarm System, and so much more. Above each one should be linked to a how-to tutorial including all the instructions on how to replicate the project. We will briefly go over what each project is intended to do in case the title does not make sense. The 3D Printer Project is intended to create a 3D Printer using an Arduino circuit board. The link should provide all details including schematics and source code to create the project. The Garage Door Opener project is a project that is intended to make your garage door smart. Meaning, making your garage door can be opened over WIFI via an application. The Fingerprint Garage Door Opener has the same purpose as the previous project however rather than using an application you would use your fingerprint to open the garage door. The smoke alarm project is straight forward as its purpose is to sound an alarm if the smoke alarm detects smoke and there is a display telling users if the alarm is detected or not. In other words, this is a simple project but can easily be made complicated and applied to a larger area instead of one alarm. The home alarm system is another project that is self-explanatory, and its purpose is to create a security system for your home. All source code is available for all these projects and can be used in any way including alteration of code for other purposes.