What Are Rechargeable Batteries & A Brief History Of Them?

Rechargeable batteries are a type of electrical battery that can be charged and recharged as needed. The act in the same manner as a regular batter meaning the battery itself will discharge after an amount of time of use. However, once it is discharged you can take the battery and recharge it in a recharging dock station which can be found online and sometimes come with rechargeable batteries when purchasing them. Rechargeable batteries have been considered one of the most remarkable and novel discoveries in the last 400 years in electricity (yes electricity has been around for that long). Rechargeable batteries were first discovered and developed by a French physician Gaston Plante in 1859. The invention and discovery of the rechargeable battery were based on a lead and acid system, which is still in use even today.  Around the 1980s and 1990s chemists were trying to improve the rechargeable batteries due to environmental hazards of NiCd and in 1991 chemist eventually started working on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries which are used today in most if not all rechargeable devices as a battery source.

Is Rechargeable Batteries Worth Using?

Yes and no. Depending on the scenario using rechargeable batteries can and cannot be worth it. To explain, if you have a device that uses batteries and you need to change the batteries quite often let’s say within a 30-day period if not sooner it could be something that would definitely be worth it. The main reason for this is due to how much you could be spending over time, consistently replacing the batteries. For example, lets say you have a device that uses batteries and you need drain it within a day or so due to consistent use, then it would be convenient to just have a set of rechargeable batteries swap it out and charge the ones out of charge instead of finding more batteries or eventually going out and purchasing more disposable batteries. On the contrary, if you have a remote that does use regular batteries and you do not change the batteries often it might be better purchasing a set of disposable batteries and sing them considering the price for rechargeable batteries can strongly outprice the disposable batteries. In other words, if the initial cost is a factor it is a good idea to consider disposable, however, in the long run, you would spend more on disposable batteries compared to rechargeable batteries.

What Does Kreative Tek Solutions Recommend?

Our recommendation is quite one-sided and simply just use rechargeable batteries. Yes, it is an initial cost, but we feel the convenience of the not needing to go to the store and purchase new batteries often because we ran out of batteries is a big plus which justifies the cost. On top of that, the lifespan of a rechargeable battery based on how it is used and as long as it is not overcharged tends to be longer by a long shot. For example, we have used our set of rechargeable batteries since 2013 and we have not gone out and purchased a new set since. We swap out the batteries every 30 days and recharge them while swapping it out with the spare set. This blog is being written in 2019 and we would definitely say we have saved a good few hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the rechargeable batteries. If you do take our advice, we recommend purchasing the batteries from Amazon as they tend to have a good variety and for the quantity, the price can be easily justified. However, when purchasing anything make sure you do your research thoroughly and make sure to watch reviews on YouTube or read the reviews to see what people have to say sometimes one incident can show an entirely different perspective. Also, keep in mind when you purchase rechargeable batteries or any batteries, in general, DO NOT mix and match brands and batteries it can cause several issues not just to the device but to the batteries as well. Why throw money away using disposable batteries when you can invest it by using rechargeable batteries and use it for several years to come?