What Is The Intranet?

The intranet is a network with restricted access that is usually only accessible internally within a company, business, or home. The intranet can also be defined as a secure local network where employees can collaborate, find internal information, create content, manage tasks, view events, etc. The intranet is designed to be a means of internal communication within a company, business, or even home. It acts as a multifunctional tool in the form of a website, communication channel, and collaboration platform. Since it is an internal environment only people on the network is able to access it, however, the people who do access it usually have to have some sort of credentials.  Initially, the intranet was restricted by geolocation and required the person accessing the intranet to be physically present. However, it is now possible to access the intranet from remote locations over the internet, but there are still some intranets that require physical access.

The main reason for having the ability to be able to access the intranet remotely is because of the emergence of cloud computing and geographically-dispersed staffing such as remote staffs or contract-based employees for remote positions. As stated above the intranet can be used for several different things a few explicit examples are sharing files, managing files, personalized company news feeds, automated business processes (ex: forms), employee directories, skills and information of employees, digital workspace, and so much more. Having intranet tends to help employees work better because of the collaboration between employees.

What Is The Internet?

The internet is a global network of several billions of computers and electronic devices. The internet can provide access to almost any information, communicate with others via VOIP or IMs, and so much more. There are a number of different ways to get connected to the internet such as through mobile data, wireless hotspot both private and public, and a direct Local Area Network Connection. Regardless of which way a person connects to the internet, there will always be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that must set up the connection on a modem and transmit it via a Wireless Access Point or through a mobile network. Once connected online there are several things you can do like the few mentioned above.

When you are online you can also access the World Wide Web (WWW) the short form of this is called web and it is a collection of different websites that can b accessed through the internet itself. Don’t confuse the web for being the internet. The internet is a form of connection that lets you access the web. The concept of how the internet works is fairly simple. To explain, when you visit a website your computer sends a request of the wires to a server located somewhere else. Once the server receives this request it sends back an acknowledgment to your computer letting it know the server received the request and has acknowledged it. Once that is done you computer will send a response to confirm the server knows it has received the acknowledgment as a form of saying thanks and indicating to close the connection. The process described above is also known as the three-way handshake.

What Are Some Differences & Similarities Between The Intranet & Internet?

Some of the similarities between the intranet and internet are that they use the same internet protocols such as TCP/IP and FTP, they are both accessible via web browsers in similar ways, and you can use instant massagers. A few differences could be the internet is a general network that connects personal computers all over the world where intranet connects only locally, the internet providers wider and much more convenient access to websites to a larger population, whereas the intranet is restricted to more of local use, the internet has much more vulnerabilities compared to the intranet since the intranet is a safe and privatized network, and the internet does not have a limit on the number of users online whereas the intranet could possibly have a limitation. Obviously, there are a lot more things different and similar between the intranet and internet, however, to keep it sweet and simple we will use that as another topic for another post.