What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that can be done by an individual or company, that hosts websites or web-based content on a server, which is accessible by others using a URL or an IP address. Usually, web hosting is referred to when talking about creating a website or creating a web-based application. Two providers we are going to talk about are GoDaddy and A2Hosting. Obviously, they aren’t the only two providers out there, but to keep the blog short and sweet we are going to be using these two as our primary example. The purpose of this blog is to explain how web hosting works, why we recommend specified hosting over the other, and some things to look for when selecting hosting.

What To Look For In A Host?

There are several things to consider before selecting a host for your project. The first task is to identify how complex and resource hungry your project will be, to begin with. To explain, it is not always smart to get the most powerful server if your project is not intending on using that much power initially. Don’t forget it is always possible to upgrade later when the resources are starting to cap out. When selecting a hosting provider, it is smarter to go with the lower tier servers and work your way up based on resource increase and fluctuation. This way you do not spend too much money on hosting and allocate the additional cost you would have spent to build a better and more efficient website. Once the complexity is identified it is important to check how much support the host will provide at no cost. It is also important to know what type of technologies are provided by the host. To explain, GoDaddy is considered to have one of the best support systems, however, that does not necessarily mean you may have the same experience, or you should go with them without looking at what type of technology they offer. To elaborate a bit more, GoDaddy has some great deals, however, their technology, aside from WordPress systems, are outdated and a good example of this would be the HTTP 2.0 technology which is not offered to shared hosting and only dedicated and virtual private servers (which are significantly more expensive) we will touch back on this later in the blog. It is important to look at what the general uptime of the server is for all hosting, as well as upgrading options, and if there is any sort of domain limitations. Such as subdomain limits or if you plan on having other websites in the future, overall domain limits. It is also a good idea to find out what their refund policy in case you want to try the service out before purchasing and making a commitment (which we highly recommend).

Why We Recommend A2Hosting?

Between GoDaddy and A2Hosting, we will say hands down A2Hosting for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons we recommend A2Hosting is because of the technology they use and provide for their clients. To explain, HTTP 2.0 is a new form of HTTP connection which loads content much faster than the previous HTTP 1.0. This new HTTP technology with a combination of an SSL ends uploading data at a significantly faster and secure rate than HTTP 1.0 does. Sadly, GoDaddy does not offer HTTP 1.0 for lower tiered servers. The only way to get HTTP 2.0 from GoDaddy is by purchasing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server which are close to 100 times more expensive than the regular shared hosting which is normally enough for most people. Cost wise GoDaddy tends to be cheaper due to deals available, however, we recommend paying a little more to get a better platform and server. Here are two examples to show you what the difference looks like. These are smaller scale examples but hopefully, this will provide some sort of idea of how it would be beneficial for larger websites (Ex 1, Ex 2).

The other bonus is A2Hosting provides free SSL for each website at no additional cost, free emails for each domain with spam filters, and because of the Lightspeed server technology they use it is literally one of the fastest hosts for WordPress or CMS based websites. This also means custom websites will be lightning fast compared to other hosts. We are not saying that GoDaddy is a bad host provider but rather the technology is outdated and not up to par for the cost, and it can get costly after adding all the requirements. For example, getting a domain name, purchasing a separate SSL, Site Backup, Security, Optimization for CMS based websites or custom websites, Upgrading Resources, etc. Based on our experience and research we would recommend A2Hosting over any other hosting providers at this current time.