What Is A VPN?

VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. VPNs are networks that allow the user to connect to the internet using a server ran by a specific VPN provider. In layman terms, a VPN is used to create a secure and encrypted connection that is tunneled from your computer to a computer located at another location which you select. All the browsing or any web activity that is performed while the VPN connection is active is routed through the remote network rather than yours. This is primarily done through some sort of VPN services, a few examples of VPN providers/services are PureVPN, IPVANISH, NordVPN, TorGaurd VPN, Express VPN, and a few open source VPNs which we do not recommend using. Out of the few we have listed, we have the most experience with PureVPN and NordVPN, and if we had to choose we would pick NordVPN hands down. Though we have used both of them, after a while, we did realize PureVPN does not always deliver what they promise and not all of the functionality on their app works properly. On the other hand, our experience NordVPN was much different and one of their biggest factors is their customer support because it is simply outstanding and extremely helpful. Pricing tends to change service to service but usually, there is some sort of discount through every VPN provider.

Who Needs A VPN?

Anyone that needs privacy, security or anonymity to an extent would benefit from having a VPN service. To explain, most remote positions or remote work encourage using some sort of VPN to prevent data leak. For example, if you are accessing files at your work and they involve sensitive information it is a good idea to have some sort of VPN to prevent Man in The Middle (MITM) attacks and having the data intercepted and downloaded. By using a VPN, it is possible to establish a connection where all data sent and received will automatically be encrypted meaning if a MITM occurs it would be useless because it is encrypted. In that same respect if you are downloading legal software it is sometimes nice to prevent websites from collecting your data and sending you spam emails to your house or email. Another example would be how content on websites or even YouTube is region locked, by using a VPN it is possible to bypass that restriction by connecting to an overseas server anonymously and accessing that same content without triggering any issues.

Can We Trust VPN Services?

Just like every industry the longer the company is out the easier it is to trust the company. This is also applicable to VPN providers. Most VPN providers have a transparent policy listed somewhere on their website. This helps clear any doubts that may occur in the future. What we recommend is, when selecting a VPN service to check what features are offered as well as the reviews and if there are any recommendations. Lack of reviews does not necessarily mean the service is bad it might just be a new VPN service. Understanding your needs when selecting a VPN service or provider is extremely important to avoid unnecessary issues.

What Are A Few Recommend VPN Services?

A few recommended and popular VPN services are IPVANISH, NordVPN, and PureVPN. If budget and speed are considered, we have had personal experience with NordVPN and the speed is just phenomenal and as of right now we would definitely say NordVPN gives the best bang for the buck. Each person will have a different recommendation about VPNs and this is primarily due to the recommenders experiences as well as who the recommendation is for and what the user is going to do with the VPN. Which is why it is always good to do your own research of what features different VPNs offer to see what would work best for you.

Should I Get A VPN Service?

If you are looking to access geo-restricted content, or if you are looking for privacy and security then you should be using a VPN service of some sort. If you are looking to use the VPN for privacy and security, make sure you select a VPN that does not have logs. If you are planning on torrenting or doing any sort of Peer-To-Peer (P2P) then you must absolutely be using a VPN. Since it is affordable we personally recommend all our clients to look into getting some sort of VPN, after all, privacy and security is what everything is about nowadays. For your convenience click here to get NordVPN.