What Is Warp VPN?

Warp VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is released and maintained by Cloudflare. This service is a free VPN service but it does not work the same way most VPN services work. There is also a paid version of Warp VPN called Warp VPN Plus which uses Cloudflare’s Argo Technology which guarantees additional speed and security. The goal of releasing this VPN service is to make a connection/browsing not only secure but faster. This is done by the traffic being directed through Cloudflare’s server. As of right now, there are 2 million people on the waitlist. Cloudflare is also stating if you were on the waitlist you will get 10GB of Warp Plus and in case you have not received that additional perk you could submit a ticket as a bug and they will address it accordingly.

How Does Warp VPN Work?

As mentioned above Warp VPN is not the conventional VPN and it actually takes an entirely different approach. With Warp VPN it does not take your origin IP address and hide it but rather encrypts your traffic and use Cloudflare’s DNS service. The main purpose of this service is to speed up accessing websites or servers and add additional security in the process. This is mainly done because all traffic is routed through Cloudflare’s server which already caches several websites on the internet. This will also protect local sniffers on a network from seeing what data is being sent. For example, if you were at Starbucks and someone is listening in on the network (which is common on public WIFIs) this will encrypt the traffic so the only data the sniffer can get is encrypted data which renders everything useless. However, like a conventional VPN this does not help unlock geo location locked content or to keep your anonymity online.

Should You Use Warp VPN?

There is no harm in using Warp VPN for the added benefit of speed and security. But we strongly recommend understanding this is not technically a VPN. Especially, since this service does not make you anonymous online which is one of the main objectives of a VPN. Also, keep in mind every query that is searched through this method is logged and kept on the Cloudflare server for two years. Though they claim they will not sell this information it still is data they have regarding things you have possibly searched or sites you have visited. To sum everything up, if you aren’t concerned about DNS logs and how nameservers or encryptions work and think a little extra protection on the internet is worth it but will not hide your location or identity then this might be a good option to try. However, before you start using this service make sure you read the terms of service regarding Warp VPN. You never know what terms are added in these documents discretely. Don’t sign your rights away till you know what you are agreeing to.