What Is A Foldable Phone?

We are in an era where conceptual technology seen in movies is coming to life. One of those things is foldable phones, where a regular smartphone can turn into a fully-fledged 12-inch tablet. Right now, foldable phones are still a product that companies are testing the market with. A few examples of these companies are Samsung and Huawei. These two companies have released the first generation of foldable phones, however, keep in mind it is the first generation of this specific type of product and there will be and are quite a bit of glitch and fixes that need to come out for everyone to consider it.  

What Are Some Released & Upcoming Phones?

As we mentioned above there is quite a bit of vendor looking at the foldable phone market and the top two are Samsung and Huawei in our opinion. However, there are several others entering this market such as LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Google, Apple, Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, and many more. A few new devices you should keep an eye out for are Samsung’s Samsung Fold, Huawei’s Mate X, LG’s G8X ThinQ, Motorola’s Razr V4, Apple’s Foldable iPhone, and possibly even Royale’s FlexPai.  


How Expensive Are These Smartphones?

Now we get to the uglier part of this topic. The cost is extremely overpriced when it comes to the phone. As most of these smartphones start at $2,000 if not a significant amount more. However, keep in mind the cost is so high because not only is this an entirely new concept but you are practically putting two phones into one looking at it theoretically. But just because the cost is so high that doesn’t mean there will not be any early adopters there are actually several that have either preordered these phones or already have them.


Should You Invest In A Foldable Phone Now?

We would absolutely say not to invest in a foldable phone now. Yes, it is a cool, interesting, and futuristic concept, however, the amount you spend is as much as a powerful laptop and on top of that, it is the 1st generation of these phones. Do you remember the 1st generation of iPhone or Android? It was the same reaction people had when companies released those phones, but look at them now there is no way anyone would go back to the 1st generation of iPhone or Android. Granted that new and better technology will always triumph older technology, however, most people will be satisfied with a 3rd or 4th generation device even if the 6th or 7th generation is out. This is not the case when it comes to 1st generation devices as everything about the device is theoretical and everyone who gets the device is essentially a test subject so the companies can assess what they should do differently on the next version.  

Is It Smart For Companies To Invest In Foldable Phones & Is Foldable Phones The Future?


It is definitely smart for companies to invest in a foldable phone especially based on the trend in the past 15-10 years. Think of it in this respect not too long ago companies introduced Phablets which is a phone that is larger than a conventional 5in phone but smaller than a tablet. When those released there were several people who said that product would never survive and no one wants a huge screen in their pocket. Which is a valid point for some, but definitely not the majority. If you look at phones now, pretty much 99% of them are all phablets, however, we just do not call them phablets, instead, we call them phones. On top of that, every year phones get larger and larger when it comes to the screen and even the most adamant Apple IOS changed and adopted that same pattern. Based on those analytics the bigger the screen and the more compact the more the demand which is probably the main reason there is so much hype about foldable phones. Mainly because you can keep a 5-inch phone in your pocket and when you need a bigger screen you can unfold it to get 10 inches. So, to answer the second part of this question, foldable phones will definitely be the next stage in mobile technology, at least for a bit.