What Is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a form of television that is streamed over the internet rather than having to use an antenna, cable box, or satellite. Though antennas, cable boxes, and satellites all broadcast just like IPTV the main difference is the method of broadcast. To explain, as mentioned above IPTV uses your regular internet to retrieve TV shows and movies, in that same respect, the other methods all use some sort of broadcasting signals sent from a TV station. This means if you can only watch what is broadcasting if and only if the station is broadcasting this unless you have a recording device such as a DVR or custom DVR of sorts. Though you do not technically need a specific device to stream IPTV you still need some sort of device such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, firestick, smart tv, etc. to actually watch IPTV.

Is IPTV Legal?


Technically speaking IPTV is perfectly legal, however, it is possible to get illegal IPTV. This question is one of the first questions most people ask when it comes to IPTV. There are several legal IPTV services out there such as Direct TV Now, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, and much more. In that same respect, there are illegal IPTV services out there such as Area 51 and several more. The difference between legal and illegal IPTV is the matter of the content being streamed. To explain, there are services that record Live TV and stream it over the internet to a server and several clients connect to that same server and watch what is being streamed. This is absolutely illegal because the person recording the live stream does not have permission from the provider that is providing them the stream which is being sent to a third party. The equivalent to this is recording movies and distributing them. Wil using an illegal IPTV service get you in trouble can I be tracked? In most cases no you cannot be tracked as long as you are using a VPN and as long as the IPTV provider has a no-logs policy.

What’s The Next Step For IPTV?


From what we see it looks like IPTV is going to eventually run cable companies out of the market due to its seer convenience. To explain, if you were to get cable right now and you have never had cable chances are someone will have to come out and set up wires all through your house to get cable or come out and set up something that already exists. This means more cost for the company and more cost for you. In that same respect, if you had IPTV service all you would have to do is call in tell them to activate your subscription or your plan and give them a MAC ID (which is not always needed) and bam! You are ready to go and can watch tv in a heartbeat. Not only did you get everything set up in minutes but on top of that, you can stream on multiple devices from your phone to your tablet to your laptop to even your TV. The other aspect is if you get certain accessories you can even have a DVR. If you really want to go wild you could even get DVR that records up to two weeks of shows and TV in case you want to go back and watch two weeks worth of TV. But if you rather save some money you could set up a DVR using an old computer and record it that way as well (just don’t distribute what you record). If you look at the market from the last five years to the last year you can see on a statistic level that the interest and popularity of IPTV have gone up by a significant amount and chances are it will continue to grow. Both illegal and legal. Especially since people can create their own channels to distribute with ease the amount of IPTV options is growing at a rapid rate. The supply of services will easily outgrow the demand with the rate our technology and society are growing and sadly there is not much anyone can do to regulate or stop this process. It is sort of like the saying from Marvel’s “Hydra” group “When you cut off one head two more grows in its place”. IPTV service providers are the exact same. However, we do not encourage using illegal IPTV but if you do please use a VPN and do everything you can to stay anonymous.