What Is Alienware?

Alienware laptops (among other products) were a very popular brand in the early 2000s. These laptops were known to have unique form factors and aesthetic lighting designs. They were also known to be the best in laptops if you were looking for power in a laptop. In March of 2006, Dell acquired Alienware and due to several reasons, after Dell acquired the company, Alienware started seeing a significant downfall. Recently, however, Alienware has started gaining more popularity and some even say the old unique design and power is back which is what made Alienware successful, to begin with.

Are The Alienware M17 R2 & M15 R2 Worth It?


The main laptop we have used and tried significantly was the 2019 Alienware M17 R2. This is the first revision of the original M17 laptop and we must say it is definitely a treat. When we purchased the unit, we had we ended up lucking out and received a 15% off + 10% off plus another 10% off and one thing we found out is coupons can stack. With a core i9 processor, 16GB of ram, Nvidia RTX 2080 Graphics Card, and 1TB of SSD we ended up paying $2,269 not including the rebate that was offered in this deal which was an additional $200 via a visa gift card. On top of all of that, we also received 3 years of accidental protection and dell premium support. Which we can definitely say is a good thing to get especially because you never know what accidents can occur. The other option is getting the M15 which would be slightly cheaper and a smaller form factor. For those who do not know the difference between the M17 R2 and the M15 R2, the main difference is the size of the laptop. The M17 R2 is a 17-inch laptop while the M15 R2 is a 15-inch laptop.

What Is The Durability & Performance Like?


We have used this laptop quite a bit and stress tested it quite a bit and this is what we found out. In the office, we do a wide variety of things from developing custom software to 3D modeling. From time to time there are other things that take quite a bit more power such as video production but no matter what we threw at the M17 R2 it was able to handle it without any issues. The only thing we did notice is that the laptop did get hot when it was under load and the fan was significantly noticeable at that point. But honestly, this was expected just like a desktop computer kicks on all its fans to keep a computer cool that same concept would apply to a laptop on a much sever case considering its form factor and less breathing room due to the enclosure and compression of all its components. When it comes to durability, it feels fairly sturdy and seems like it can take a decent beating but we couldn’t bring ourselves to actually harm it as it looks so beautiful.

Would We Recommend Getting An Alienware In 2019?

After our experiences with support and the quality and performance of the laptop we purchased we would hands down recommend it. So far everyone that has had a chance to try this laptop in the office loves it. A few of the things we really love about the M17 R2 and M15 R2 is that the display ports and power port is located in the back instead of the side. This is something that we wish most people consider or would look into as it helps when looking for a docking station or even building your own docking station. Overall, we would definitely say if you have the spare change or if you are looking to upgrade your existing laptop and need the power definitely look into getting the M17 R2 or the M15 R2.