What Is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a streaming-based platform that was created and released on November 19, 2019, by Google. Google Stadia has been in the works for a few years slowly establishing the infrastructure to handle high-end games and being able to stream them at a high speed. Essentially this is technology is technically a cloud-based service that should let you play big-budget games without discs or downloads, and without even needing a console. This entire system works by streaming the game over a network. The good thing about this is you will not need to wait on anything to finish downloading or whip out a disc to play, however, the caveat here is you will need a decent internet connection to play properly without lag or latency. The idea and intent behind this move is to mainly help consumers spend less money upgrading PCs and Consoles every year or every other year which is a great idea in general but what was promised was not entirely what was delivered.

How Was The Initial Launch?

As stated above Google Stadia was released on November 19, 2019, and just like 90% of the launches it did not meet consumer expectations due to all that was promised and what was delivered. Instead of this being a public launch it really felt like a beta testing phase. That being said, the system does work, it has clear pictures, the transition between a pc and a phone is great, and overall not to bad. However, there are several features as mentioned above that do not work and may work later down the road. The web version lacks the consistency it does not always work and is more of a hit a miss. The other downside to this is this does not work over LTE or a mobile connection (which should be fixed in the near future), lots of older games are available but there are not many newer games in their library (this can be due to developers and companies working on porting it from other systems to work properly on Stadia's infrastructure) and a few other things as well but let's leave it at that for now. Keep in mind everything we observed can be changed in the near future and nothing is set in stone. The sad part is most people did not even give Stadia a chance because they are clinging onto a concept where and we quote “This is for people who can afford expensive internet. If I can afford the expensive internet then I could just spend a bit more and buy a good pc or console”. What people are disregarding is a console or pc can go anywhere from $300 - $4,000 in price in one go while the internet is approximately $50 per month which is a necessity nowadays and most people pay for it anyways.

Could Google Stadia Eventually Replace Consoles & PCs For Gaming?

At this current moment, we highly doubt Google Stadia would be able to replace consoles and/or pcs when it comes to gaming unless you have a decent internet connection and you do not/have not played on high-quality machines. To explain, if you have played on a fully loaded pc chances are you will notice a downgrade mainly due to streaming and possibly a bit of latency. However, if you have not played on a high-end machine with maxed out graphics or 4K graphics, and you are okay with playing some older games from last year instead of this year then this might be something you could use now.

We definitely think Google Stadia has lots of potential in replacing consoles and pcs for gaming altogether. The idea of streaming is great especially because most people who do play games already do stream. On top of that, the current generation (not all but most) are the type that want everything now and do not like to wait which could be great when it comes to this service especially later down the road when more games are supported and added to Google Stadia. The potential is definitely there how long it will take is another question entirely.

Should You Invest In Stadia Now?

Right now, we personally do not advise investing in Stadia. There are several reasons for this but our biggest reason is the number of games that Google Stadia currently supports does not justify getting this platform. As more games are added to Stadia's library and more games get ported over the popularity of this system will increase along with the justification. Don't get us wrong there are several pros to this service, however, we still think you should wait for the icing on the cake before sealing the deal. According to our research in 2020, there will be several games being added to Stadia’s game library and possibly at that time you should invest so you could get the best bang for your buck. Till then sit back and watch it grow and possibly even fail like services before this.