NetworkingHome & Office Router/Switch Setup

We perform network setups that ensures all necessary ports are forwarded for most if not all applications a company or home user may possibly use along with any specified ports by the client. This service will also ensure an optimal and secure network.

NetworkingOffice Printer Setup

We set up office printers to the cloud or to the internal network. Normally this service is done through google cloud print. Note: The printer does not need to be a smart printer in order to set it up with google cloud print or over the network.

NetworkingHome & Office VOIP Setup

We set up home and office VOIP services. We do not provide the service of hosting the VOIP, but we do provide the service of installation & configuration of a VOIP client to communicate with a dedicated server or service, which you have obtained. This can be very helpful for start-up companies.

NetworkingHome & Office VPN Setup

We perform the service of setting up a VPN network for clients. Normally, a client would be considered businesses, but there are cases where the client is a home user.

NetworkingHome & Office RDP Setup

We set up and configure RDP(Remote Desktop). Remote desktop connection can be set up both for a house environment or an office environment. Typically, the office environment will be much more secure than a home environment unless otherwise requested. (Note: Businesses must have VPN which is the reason for higher security.)