HardwareCustom Arduino Board

We design, create, and program arduino boards. Depending on the project each design and requirements are subjected to change. For that reason we only provide this service if requested by the client.

HardwareCustom Built Computers

We build custom gaming & casual computers and charge a service fee for our consultation & assembly. The price of this service can vary depending on the amount and type of components requested. Getting the hardware yourself will reduce the cost and will only be charged the assembly fee.

HardwareCustom Built Servers

We custom build servers for both home and business use. The cost of a server will depend on the components needed. We will advise components based on tasks you may perform with the server. This is to help you, the client, save as much as you can in cost. Just like building a custom computer this can include a consultation service fee & assembly fee.

HardwareHtpc/Media Servers

We set up custom HTPC/Media servers. We primarily use Kodi or Plex server depending on your preference or depending on what we think will be most beneficial for you and the tasks the htpc/media server is intended to perform.

HardwareOffice PC Repair

We offer the service of personal computer repair which includes both software & hardware. It could be a nasty virus or a faulty motherboard. We here at Kreative Tek Solutions will diagnose and attempt to fix any issues we can, if possible. If not we will provide you a viable alternative which you may either consider or disregard.